The first three rounds of the playoffs, James's performance is undoubtedly the best of all players, he averaged 32.5 points and 8 rebounds. Among them, maillot stephen curry,  32.5 points of the field is his personal playoff career second highest data, 56.6% shooting percentage is to create a career high.

In addition, the final final of the Eastern Conference finals, James playoff career total score reached 5995 points, more than the Hall of Fame member Michael - Jordan, maillot stephen curry noir,  rose to the history of the first. And the entire three series, Zhanhuang still shot the number of three-pointers and other data on the completion of the predecessors, especially Jordan, Bryant two benchmark characters beyond.

Count this season, James has been for seven consecutive years into the finals, this result, Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other stars have not done. In addition, maillot golden state warriors,  Zhan Huang in the effectiveness of the Heat and Knights were 4 times into the finals, becoming the first in the history of two different teams 4 into the finals of the players.

Curry ranked second in the MVP list, but also not surprising. Three rounds of the series, the Warriors did not lose, 12-0 sweep cut, and Meng God's play has a direct relationship, 12 games, he averaged 28.6 points, three points hit rate as high as 43.1%. If the score is converted to the average per minute, the performance of the library even better than James even better.