Nick Oliver does not need the ball.maillot golden state warriors,  In the case of the first team have Dragic and Wei Tesi, both men enjoy the right people have the ball, Whiteside, too, so do not need to have a ball teammates is very important. That's why Luke - Babbitt reason so much playing time to get to Miami.

Does not need the ball, in the starting range is quite crucial, and it is Oliver Nick can become a reason for the start - because James - Johnson is a man who likes to grab the ball players.

Second, James - Johnson on the bench also performed very well. Last season he played 27 games, starting only played five times. maillot stephen curry noir,  He used the bench for the Heat played last season, averaging 12.8 points and creating a high career. It is essential of the second quarter, because not only can be marked, but also to create opportunities to mark his teammates. If you do not have a real backup playmaker, maillot stephen curry,  James - Johnson on the bench is very helpful. So, one of the reasons why Nick Orie should start this bench needs James - Johnson to drive them